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Red Leaf Audio assumes the role of Canadian Distributor for all EAR Yoshino products
Posted: July 2019

Esoteric Audio Research Ltd was established in England in 1976 with the EAR 509, a 100 watt valve mono-block power amplifier. The product was a balance of performance, reliability, size and cost which is why it is still in production today. The power amplifier left a solid foundation to design future EAR products. Since that time, there has been a full range of products built under this original philosophy. Ranging from studio recording equipment that captures the sound, through to recreating that sound in your living room.

Built on the founder's values, EAR products have a history of winning a long list of awards in a range of different product categories. These accolades are through the high-level care towards design and building of products. Values that have never changed. Leaving lasting products that customers have enjoyed over the years. Designed for those who want the very best in sound, these luxurious products have gained a great reputation on merit and are backed up with great service. Tim has succeeded in realizing his vision and created iconic produts that are highly regarded the world over. `

Website: Esoteric Audio Research Yoshino
EAR Yoshino 912 Vacuum Tube Preamp
AVM Featured On The Cover Of Stereophile
Posted: Now. 2018

AVM's PA 8.2 Modular Preamp is featured on the cover of December's edition of Stereophile. A review which is full of high praise for AVM's preamp.

Stereophile had this to say:

"Modularity aside, the Ovation PA 8.2 performed particularly well as a conventional all-analog line-input preamplifier It's operating sysytem, easy to configure and use, and it's outstanding sound from all of it's supplied modules-each offered at what I consider to be a very reasonable price-make the PA 8.2 among the most satisfying preamplifiers I've reviewed..." Micheal Fermer - Stereophile - Dec. 2018 `

Website: www.avm.audio/
AVM Ovation PA 8.2 Preamplifier on the cover of Stereophile
Red Leaf Audio brings Wilson Benesch to Canada
Posted: Apr. 2018

Red Leaf Audio is extremely pleased and excited to have been appointed as the exclusive Candian distributor for U.K. designed and built Wilson Benesch Loudspeakers, Turntables & Audio Racks. These world class audio components are among the most technologically advanced available bringing the listener closer than ever to the original art and passion stored within musical recordings both past and present.

HiFi+ had this to say:

"The A.C.T. One Evolution is the distillation of all the engineering and materials science development that Wilson Benesch can throw at a loudspeaker, where the original A.C.T. One began 'tabula rasa', the A.C.T. One Evolution draws upon drive unit technology and high compression cabinet construction derived from two decades of loudspeaker design... the level of control the A.C.T. One Evolution has over that bass is insane." -Alan Sircom, HiFi+, Issue 130 `

Website: www.wilson-benesch.com/
Wilson Benesch Cardinal Loudspeaker in red birds eye maple
Red Leaf Audio Appointed As DaVinci Audio Lab's Exclusive Canadian Distributor
Posted: March 2016

We are pleased to announce the addition of DaVinci Audio Labs to our line up. DaVinci Audio Labs makes turntables, tonearms and cartridges that are considered to be among the best the audio industry has to offer. Each one is hand crafted in Switzerland and can be ordered in your choice of colour or with 24k gold plating. These phenomenal turntables get the listener as close to the music as audio reproduction will allow. Innovative designs such as a 4 point sapphire magnetic bearings used in the new Virtu Tonearm make DaVinci Turntables and Tonearms unique and offer performance that is second to none.

Website: www.da-vinci-audio.com