Light Faucet Turntable Lamp
Light Faucet Turntable Lamp - Chrome Finish

Simply touch it anywhere on it's gleaming surface and beautiful white light will begin pouring from the modern and stylish Light Faucet Lamp. Manufactured with chrome plated stainless steel and features a bright, ultra-long lasting, three watt LED bulb. The design allows the light to be positioned directly over the turntable's platter so you can finally get the stylus precisely in that grove between tracks. The Light Faucet Lamp makes an attractive and functional addition to any turntable setup. Also looks great on any desk or side table. Includes a UL approved AC adapter. Now available in three finishes

Dimensions: 12.75" high x 3.25" wide x 12" deep
Weight: 2 pounds
Materials: Stainless Steel, Plastic
Finishes: Chrome, Black Chrome, Gold

$129.US EACH

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Black Chrome
Light Faucet Lamp On Turntable
Customer Submitted Photo
Customer Submitted Photo