STS is a company from the Netherlands who started out making great sounding recordings for high end audio manufactures like Siltech. However they have now turned their attention to pure analog recordings. Their recordings are done with little to no processing directly to a high speed analogue reel to reel master tape. Every step in the process is compared with the original performance.

Unfortunately average recording companies can't afford to use Rolls Royce type methods through the recording process. STS can thanks to support from some of the finest audio manufactures, with their assistance STS strives to take recording as far as they can possibly go. Audio brands such as Grandinote, C.E.C., Quintafila, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Siltech, Van den Hul, Metrum Acoustics, HiFi Racks Ltd., Audioquest and Nessie provide both technical and financial support.

Distributed pre-recorded R2R tapes are copied directly from the master at 15ips, half track. LP's are pressed at Europe's best record pressing plants directly from that same master tape, getting the listener as close as possible to originally captured performance. The first time I heard one of these recordings I was totally blown away. I believe STS recordings are among the best recordings available today and unlike other record companies the music and performances are emotionally charged and performed by some of Europe's best musicians.

R2R Tapes are $299.USD or $399. Cdn (Tapes come on gold metal reels shown below left, below right is an STS recording session)
STS Gold Empty Take Up Reel $99.USD or $129. Cdn


LP's are $39.USD or $49. Cdn
CD's are $19.USD or $29. Cdn


Below is a link to an MP3 of a track from Ingram Washington performing a Jazz classic. Obviously MP3 can't fully portray the sound quality but it can
demonstrate how good the music is.


We also have some beautifully crafted aluminum empty take up reels custom made for us available

10.5" $89.USD or $119. Cdn
7" $79.USD or $99. Cdn

(Note: We can have reels made in virtually any design including your logo or artwork, up charge will apply, custom colours are also available)